Leaflet Sharing

Last Updated January 04, 2022

Leaflet Sharing

If you wish to share leaflet by  whatsapp for your campaign and still wants to track how many clicks & other details, then you have come to the right place. Kindly visit our image sharing site https://img.dropnshare.xyz drop your image leaflet and copy the link from there i.e: https://img.dropnshare.xyz/i/KWA5FE9K78B9284B and put ".jpg" or ".png" (as per your image file) in the end i.e.: https://img.dropnshare.xyz/i/KWA5FE9K78B9284B.jpg & short the link from the home page https://lillink.xyz and share. 

Apologies for so many steps. Soon it will be automated. 



Lillink | Little Link Team