Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why I cannot access my shortened link?

Ans: Probably your shortened link redirects user to a phishing / malarious link or site. Which won't be tolerated thus your link has been deleted and the domain has been banned.


Q: Why my shorten link is redirecting to page 404?

Ans: Because our site couldn't find your URL or your site has been deleted due to violation of rules.


Q: How can I report a link?

Ans: Please visit Report Link page from bottom of the any page or Click here.


Q: Why does it bit slow while shortening URLs?

Ans: we have integrated some security measures which will run automatically while shortening to verify the actual link, so that users who will be redirected won't get phishing / malicious / malware / virus infected site or link.


Q: What is the authentic email of Lillink?

Ans: [email protected] & [email protected]. Currently, all verification mails & newsletter mails are sent from [email protected] so that you don't have to check the junk mail.

Q: Is your service reliable?

Ans: You can check the service uptime through https://stats.uptimerobot.com/KmwG2cqmYW which is monitored by Uptimerobort (Third party service).