The services that you can currently get through our link shortening site are:

1. in general, it can be used for any of your long messy URL to get shorten form it for marketing campaign. i.e: --> 

2. Branded Alias can also be used to gain more traffic. i.e: -->

3. For specific campaign specific canonical name can be used that will be used as subdomain after the site URL without having any randomly created alphanumeric string.

i.e: -->

4. Even it is possible to use your custom domain if u want to run a campaign using your domain other than our general site domain that can be more trustworthy to your customer. i.e: : -->

5. Splash and overlay both can be used if u want your customer to get a special banner or message or give your customer to choose if they want to visit any of your website before redirecting the customer to your desired campaign URL

6. By using it u will be able to track how many times that URL been clicked and your customer's geographical location as well as the device they are using that will help to get a clear idea about your customer behavior that for sure will come in use whenever u will be planning to run any campaign


Demo Account:

User ID : demo

Pass     : Demo@123#

DEMO links will be added soon!

*** Any URL shortened by DEMO account will be deleted! ***